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Marshall Stack
08-04-2006, 01:28 AM
No door fee but you must be on the guest list. There will be a media board/red carpet at the door. If you're in the LA area on the 10th, this is the party to be at!

Call the number on the flyer for more info:

Marshall Stack
08-08-2006, 03:27 PM
Party sponsored by:

Black Widow Productions (http://www.blackwidowproductions.com)
The Floating World (http://www.floatingworld.com)
KSEX Radio (http://www.ksexradio.com)
AOV TV (http://www.AOVTV.com)
North Bound Leather (http://www.northboundleather.com)
Terb (https://terb.cc)
Genocide Entertainment
Club Hopper LA
Redd Rose Talent
MoFo Wear
Elite Entertainment

The after party is FREE! Just gotta get on the guest list! Click the following link for more info and the phone number to call:


Guests confirmed to attend:
Ashley Steel (http://myspace.com/ashleysteel)
Sunny Lane
Jessica Jaymes (http://www.myspace.com/officialjessicajaymes)
Tyler faith (http://www.TylerFaith.com)
Mia Rose corrected by moderator http://www.miarosexxx.com/
Derek Harvie - Exec. Producer
Mike South http://www.mikesouth.com
Wankus (KSEX)
Tony Batman (KSEX)
Ric - Black Widow (plus several girls from his roster of talent)
Mike Moz/Stormy Daniels
Robert Lombard
Jimmy D
Tod Hunter
Luke Ford

08-08-2006, 04:00 PM
thanks for the invite...

you may want to check your link for mia rose (unless she has a side job)

Marshall Stack
08-08-2006, 11:55 PM
Thanks for the head's up. :eek: That sure wasn't Mia. lol Whoever posted the correct link, thank you as well. And if you're in LA, get your name on the list and c'mon out. Should be a blast!

Marshall Stack
08-16-2006, 11:16 AM
This trip to the west coast was the most successful venture RA Media has been involved with to date. The response to the band was overwhelming to say the least.

The party was a riot and the turn out was amazing! Ron Jeremy even popped by to say hello. Not to mention a number of other stars and AVN hall of famers like Lynn Lemay, Sunny Lane, Mia Rose, Whitney Wonders, Regan Anthony, Caren Caan (who wrote a wonderful review of the show and party on her my space blog) and a plethora of others I didn't recognize.

The Whisky show was a blast! The band had a riot of a time and are begging to go back. Thankfully, because such a good job was done at the Playboy studios the following day, we got another call back to return to the show.

The band booker for Playboy TV also books the Key Club and guess what? The band has been asked to play there! So count on us making a return to the left coast within 3 months or less.

The Playboy shoot was rather surreal for the band. They're not used to having buck naked chics casually hanging about in their working environment. lol They found it somewhat difficult to concentrate.

Further, we were a guinea pig on that shoot. This was the first time they had ever shot 2 shows in one day. They were reticient to try it in the past due to the difficulty of educating bands on how to perform for TV. In ear monitors, telepromters, and such are not a regular part of a band's technical requirement and for that reason, it takes time to get 'em on the horse.

The guys in the band have been there, done that, so it was a breeze. The exec producer, line producer, director of TV programming all sang the praises of the band for having pulled it off. To say it was a long day was an understatement though. My boys were bushed by the end and all went back to crash rather than party. lol

Last, we managed to draw investment inquiries and are in negotiations with a private investor. This will go towards the second CD (first in the US as the original CD is being reproduced with a few tracks being deleted in place of better, newer material), tour support for an extended stay in Southern Cal., and a draw for the band so that they may maintain focus and priority in and to Wank Punter.

Alex Hodges (VP - House Of Blues) was blown away by the band's performance and was captivated by the girls (Whisky and Playboy) and truly believes that I am on to something very major with this concept/project. A buzz has begun in earnest.

As a result, we are slowly going to be pulling out of XXX porn production and focusing specifically on the Wank Punter train.

Pictures of both events will be posted shortly as well as video footage from the Whisky and Playboy performances!

08-16-2006, 11:37 AM
I was so happy to see this post. I had wondered how the trip went. I am glad to see that it exceeded your expectations and that, tiring though it may have been, it was fruitful.
I look forward to seeing the pictures.
As I told you after the Horseshoe performance I knew that the band had it at that point..Kudos.."your Big Day" is coming;)

Marshall Stack
08-16-2006, 02:44 PM

Wank Punter was a valuable addition to our LIVE show NIGHT CALLS. They were very professional, responsive to direction, and most of all their music added a wonderful layer of atmosphere and ambience to the program. On top of that they put on a great visusal performance.

Thanks for being on the show. Let me know when you're coming back to the area.

Steve Silas
Director of Television Production


It was great having you guys for 2 shows. Wank Punter rocked. Anytime you want to come back to play Night Calls, let me know.

Derek Harvie
Exec. Producer - Night Calls

Marshall Stack
08-16-2006, 02:46 PM
From Caren Caan (www.myspace.com/carencaan

Friday, August 11, 2006

Tangerine, Whiskey A Go Go, Wank Punter

Last night was pretty decent. Saw Sunny again! Lol, and she looked oh too cute with the classic sex kitten outfit complete with stockings that ended in little black bows on her tiny feet. Got a great bear hug from sweetheart Dino Bravo. Powder was MIA!! Lynn LeMay is always a joy to run into. She is so focused on her company and helping other girls but she also knows how to party! She managed to drag me out of my shell to take some photos with her and Batman in front of the stage at Whiskey A Go Go while Wank Punter pounded away on stage. WP is pretty "out there". They fuggin' rock so I can see why so many Pornessuers like them. A couple of their costumes were down right creepy!

I was escorted by the infamous Quincy (thank you ) who actually arrived later than our rendevous time but made it up to me by making sure I didn't break my neck on the strip. I had the bright idea to compliment my Indian-style outfit with mile-high black stiletto platforms.

Pamela Peaks was mainstage at the front booth doing her fabulous one-on-one interviews. She looked a million bucks in a tight green dress. Ron Jeremy graced Tangerines long enough to be grabbed and molested right back out of the front door, lol. He couldn't take two steps without a camera flashing.

Both clubs were cool. Tangerine is teeny, but they have solid drinks, play a good variety of music and the staff is seriously VIP trained. The Whiskey is roomier but more bare-bones and casual. They also have "columns" that suspiciously look like stripper poles.

I saw my MENSA buddy Steve! And even got to molest him for a couple photos. He has a very lickable head, lol

Sunny is doing a carwash Sunday with Deja Vu dance club and I think everyone should show up just to see her soapy and wet. If Gus announces a party, definitely call to get on the list and check it out. It wasn't totally industry, which was cool cause the rest of the crowd was ecclectic. I enjoyed chatting with musicians, mainstream film/tv workers, and even investment bankers (who were afraid to blink in case they missed a bare nipple!). Lori Lust delivered the eye-candy in two hot azz outfits- a lingerie type dress and a pretty bra with matching lace bottoms that showed off her hard-earned assets. Mia Rose seduced the crowd at Whiskey in an all black clubbing outfit and peek-a-boo white lace thong.

That's all for now. There is the comedy event tonight. Everyone enjoy!

So great to see the familiar faces and meet some new ones. Hopefully see you at the next event.....


Marshall Stack
08-16-2006, 04:07 PM

On August 10, 2006, Black Widow Talent, World Wide Entertainment, Elite Entertainment and The Floating World presented “Wank Punter: The Before & After Party”, from 10pm to 2am at Tangerine in West Hollywood, CA.

There was a fantastic turnout which included Tee Reel, Lynn LeMay, Pamela Peaks, Dino Bravo, Marcus London, Cytherea, Peter Warren, Lexi Lamour, Craven Moorehead, Kris Roc, Sunny Lane, Jasmine Taime, Lori Lust, KSEX Craig, DVSX Konnie, and many more.

Liquid Ice Energy drink was on hand offering Liquid Ice Smoking Shots! Liquid Ice tastes great with vodka