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Thread: Review - Jenni - Brantford backpage - round #2

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    Thumbs up Review - Jenni - Brantford backpage - round #2


    This is my 2nd review so please bear with me until I get the hang of it. I seen Jenni's ad up and i had a great time last time so I gave her a txt to set things up, she's located in between Cambridge and Brantford off the highway. She was super friendly and happy to see me. In no time flat I was on my back enjoying her oral skills taking away a weeks worth of work stress. When it was my turn to return the favor she was very responsive, tasted great and her encouragement kept me going. While this was my 3rd time seeing her I had never tried doggy style, wow did I miss out before! She has a little plump butt that fit perfectly in my lap and of course her encouragement made for a very hot time pounding her like that. I was wore out after that hard fucking, she took care of mr little fitter and he stood again proudly at attention and away we went again until she made me cross eyed and unloaded! So that was visit #3 and I know I'll be seeing her again. I would totally recommend her for anyone looking to have a good relaxed sexy fun time

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    Six posts in 9 years? You appear to be a man of few words.

    Good to know you had a good time. Care to share a link?

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    This was the only link I found.

    Hehe she offers blue pills to those that need them. First lady I've seen that blatently has that posted.

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    yeah she live in st george...goes to brantford and cambridge hotels and at ehr home...ive never seen her, as i was going to once, but she lives in the same town i do, and its very small, so i decided not too...
    maybe i will now.

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    I was going to visit her in kitchener one saturday a month or two back but found negative reviews on this and/or the other board.

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